Price list 2023

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Num.NamePrice HS – HRKPrice HS – EURPrice LS – HRKPrice LS – EUR
2.Child 12-1837,675,0033,914,50
3.Camping Pitch A, 100m2188,3625,00135,6218,00
4.Camping Pitch B and C, 75m2158,2221,00120,5516,00
5.Tent Pitch- no electricity, no water (car/camper)75,3510,0052,747,00
6.Tent Pitch- no electricity, no water (motorbike/bicycle)52,747,0045,216,00
7.Trailer / Boat37,675,0030,144,00
8.Bungalow Pet – per day45,216,0037,675,00
9.Bungalow with kitchen,32m2, 2 person647,9785,00647,9785,00
10.Bungalow with kitchen, 32m2, extra person75,3510,0075,3510,00
11.Bungalow Deluxe with jacuzzi, 32m2, 2 person753,45100,00753,45100,00
12.Bungalow Premium with sauna, 32m2, 2 person866,47115,00866,47115,00
13.Wellness suite 65m2, 2 person1054,83140,001054,83140,00
14.Glamping šator, 10m2, 2 person376,7350,00376,7350,00
15.Laundry washing with detergent45,216,0045,216,00
16.Washing or drying37,675,0037,675,00
17.Sailboat Glamping / 2 Person452,0760,00452,0760,00
18.Bike rental, 1 hour30,144,0030,144,00
19.Bike rental, 1 day113,0215,00113,0215,00
20.Rent a kayak, 1 hour45,216,0045,216,00
21.Rent a boat, 1 hour60,288,0060,288,00
22.Massage, 60 min301,3840,00301,3840,00
23.Massage, 90 min376,7350,00376,7350,00
24.Hot stone massage, cupping massage, 90 min452,0760,00452,0760,00
25.Tourist tax, per day8,001,068,001,06
26.Tourist tax, children 12-18, per day4,000,534,000,53


The prices in EURO correspond to the exchange rate of 7,53 kn and are valid from 01.01.2023.

LS – Low Season

16.09. – 15.06.

HS – High Season

16.06. – 15.09.

Children up to 12 years


Stay of 3 or more nights

10% discount (valid only for camping services)