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Camp Zagreb Massage Studio is a place where you can relax and enjoy. At Camp Zagreb Massage Studio, we offer a variety of massages to help you relax and feel better. Our skilled therapist provides customized therapeutic and relaxation massages to meet your needs. We aim to provide a comprehensive massage experience that promotes overall health and wellness.

Our therapeutic massage is geared towards addressing specific health issues. We use techniques like deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage to alleviate muscle, joint, and tissue pain while enhancing flexibility, range of motion, and circulation.

Our Relax massage is designed to help you unwind and reduce stress. We use techniques such as classic Swedish massage and aromatherapy from Doterra to ease tension and stress in your mind and body. This massage can help you feel more peaceful and relaxed, reducing the stress of everyday life.

Enjoy the relaxing music, the aromatic scents of 100% natural essential oil, and the soothing ambiance of our studio. With our massage service, you can expect to feel renewed and refreshed. Make an appointment at our massage studio today, and let us provide you with a superior massage service that will help your body and mind to relax and renew. In our studio, it is also possible to buy Doterra products!

We accept reservations by phone at 098 74 74 71 or by email at

Service price

Num.NamePrice – EUR
1.Relax or Therapeutic Massage, 60 min40,00
2.Hot stone massage, 90 min60,00
3.Cupping therapy, 90 min60,00
4.Combination of therapeutic and cupping massage, 60 min50,00
5.Package 4+1 massage150,00
6.Package 4+1 KOMBO (combination of more typse of massage)200,00

Doterra essential oil

Num.NamePrice – EUR
1.Doterra Aroma Touch Package of essential oils (contains 8 essential oils and base coconut oil)163,00
2.Family essentials Oil Package of essential oils (contains 10 essential oils)180,00

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