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Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to reserve a spot in the camp?

Although reservations are not mandatory, availability cannot be assured without one. During our peak season, it’s essential to make a reservation in advance. You can reach out to us via phone or email to inquire about availability.

What is included in the price of the camping pitch?

The price includes electricity, water, showering, and camper service, which includes emptying the chemical toilet and gray water.

Is an advance payment required for booking?

Advance payment is not necessary, but if your arrival is after 16:00, payment in advance is required. You can make a reservation via e-mail by paying according to the offer we send you or via the reservation system on the website.

How do you get to Zagreb from the Camp?

We offer a free shuttle service to the train and bus station during the season.

The shuttle runs twice daily, morning and afternoon.

The price of public transport is not expensive, and it ranges from 1€-3€ per person.

If you want, you can also walk to the station, it is 1.5 km from the Camp and takes 15 minutes to get to the first train and city bus stop.

Zagreb is 15 km from the Camp, and you can reach the city by bicycle.

Only 300m from us there is an intercity bus that can also take you to the city center, which is more expensive, and we do not recommend it!

We also recommend a Taxi as a way of transport to Zagreb.

We collaborate with a reliable transportation provider in Zagreb, known for their outstanding professionalism. As the taxi transport prices are high, our partner offers you a special price and the comfort of transportation from point A to point B. We exclusively cooperate with one taxi carrier due to the quality of the service. Our partner will always be at your service in any situation

Is there Internet available at the campsite?

At the camp, you can access the internet for free to browse and use mobile apps. However, it is essential to avoid accessing or downloading illegal content as it will result in the immediate termination of your stay. Please note that internet speeds may vary depending on the service provider in the area.

Are pets permitted within the campsite?

Pets are allowed, certainly with respect for house rules. Inside the camp, there is a bathroom adapted for dogs.

What’s the powerbox’s voltage and connection type?

It’s 220V and EURO-CEE.

Can electric vehicles be charged additionally?

The cost of charging an electric car is €20 per day/charge.

Is there a chemical toilet available at the campsite?

Yes, a chemical toilet is on-site, and you can empty and drain the dirty water.
More information is available at the reception.

Is it allowed to grill on the pitch?

Grilling is allowed on the pitch, but only with gas or electric grills. Fires are strictly prohibited.

I booked a pitch online through the reservation system. How do I know that the reservation is confirmed?

Once you’ve made a reservation online, you might wonder how to confirm it. Don’t worry – once you’ve entered all the necessary details, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the relevant information about your reservation. This will cover everything from the reservation conditions and cancellation policy to additional details about the accommodation you’ve booked.

Can we set up a tent on the lot next to the camper?

Every pitch has a designated grass area of a specific size. Therefore, the placement of tents is limited. Placing an additional tent on the pitch is free of charge, while placing a trailer etc., is charged additionally according to the price list.

Is there shade inside the camp?

Category B and C pitches are mostly shaded, but Category A has limited shade due to young trees that are not yet large enough.

Is the camp suitable for people with disabilities?

The camp is suitable for people with disabilities. Special sanitary facilities for people with disabilities are available. Guests are kindly requested to inform us upon arrival that they are disabled in order to be given a key for special sanitary facilities. The approaches inside the camp and the restaurant are also suitable for wheelchairs.

Do we choose the pitch number independently?

The allocation of the plot number is systematic and depends on availability. If you want a specific pitch, you must mention it in the reservation or before the reservation so that the desired plot will be assigned to you. We will accommodate you at the nearest pitch if the desired pitch is unavailable. After check-in, it is not possible to change the plot.

Can I swim in the lake?

Yes, swimming is allowed but please be aware that it is at your own risk. The city of Sv. Nedelja has stated that the lake is clean and safe for swimming.

Where is the nearest shop or supermarket?

There is a bakery and a store just a 5-minute walk away! The store can also be seen from the camp. If you need more, there are several markets in the area (Lidl, Interspar). They are located approx. From the camp. 30 min walk and 10 min by bike.

During check-in, we will give you a flyer with a map of the surrounding area with marked locations and necessary facilities.

Is there a laundry in the camp?

Yes, a washing machine and dryer are available for an additional fee.

Is tap water safe for drinking purposes?

Yes, it is safe to drink tap water throughout the entire camp.

Do you accept camping cards (ACSI, ADAC etc.)?

No, it is not possible to use camping cards