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Antient medieval city is a blockbuster on a European tourist scene although a very young capital appearing only in 1991 with the formation of the Croatian state. The visitors are pleasantly surprised by the vibrant and easy going atmosphere of the city and the unexpected richness of culture and history.

The city is defined by Sava river in the south and the mountain of Medvednica in the north. There is an intense bond between Zagreb and its home mountain – not too many capitals can boast of ski slopes so close to the very center!
One of the most beautiful squares of Zagreb with the National Theatre building
Out of many attractions the charming main square stands out – Jelačić Square boosts of the first grand public statue in the city – Jelačić on a horse is probably the most photographed of all Zagreb motives. The monumental neo-gothic Cathedral is one of the most important sacral gothic buildings southeast of the Alps. A stroll through the historical Upper City is a must – don’t miss a magnificent medieval church of St. Marc, ancient Lotrščak tower and miraculous Stone Gates… Indulge yourself in an unavoidable ritual of the incredibly slow coffee sipping in Tkalčićeva street, the unique gathering spot of young people, locals as well as tourists.
Immerse even deeper in the city cultural scene and see a play in Croatian National Theatre – you will be amazed not only by its cosmopolitan neo-baroque appearance but also by a wonderful surrounding – make a stop at the Well of Life, an exceptional masterpiece by Meštrović.
The magnificent Zagreb Cathedral
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