Museum City and Favourite Excursion Site of Zagreb Families



Samobor is a very pretty place with numerous culture and nature sights worth visiting.


You should walk the streets of Samobor where everybuilding tells you a story. You must definitely taste a piece of famous Samobor cream cake in one of many colourful cafes on King Tomislav Square. Or learn more about the history of the area in Samobor Museum on a beautiful park location in a very center of the city.


Samobor is an ideal getaway for a number of trekking destinations in Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor or a perfect stop on a biking tour.

Samobor is a Museum City

Samobor attractions:


  • Church of St. Anastasia from 17. century
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 18. century
  • Old Samobor Castle
  • Anindol
  • Livadić Castle, 17. century
  • Nature Park Žumberak – Samobor
  • Grgos caves
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