Pets Are Welcome Here


Why leaving your best friend at home?


We are well aware what it means when you go on a trip not really knowing what to do with your pets. We don’t want to separate you from your pets. On the contrary! We are more than happy to have them in our camp and we have tried our best to make their stay unforgettable. They can run around the camp as much as they like, accompany you on long walks around the lake, cool themselves in the lake or have a shower in our pet bathroom. The are also welcome in our restaurant.


Should you or your pet need any help, address our staff with full confidence. We will help you with water bowls, leashes, pet food, the vet… And we will help you make friends with Xena, our friendly boxer more often found in the lake than on shore. She simply adores bathing!


Cats, hamsters, squirrels, chickens, horses…, they are all welcome!
Xena, our boxer during her daily swim
Xena, our boxer during her daily swim



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